Bitches Brew

Launched in 2015 by SWIM member Emma Smith, Bitches Brew showcases the diversity of talent and raw energy of female improvisers from the fields of jazz, folk, electronic music and free improvising. Bitches Brew is a response to female performers, programmers and creators being sidelined by the music industry, it challenges the fallacy that there aren’t enough highly talented female instrumentalists around, or that more than one ‘girl band’ in a night would just be overkill. Pushing artistic boundaries by appealing to both the jazz and contemporary music audiences, Bitches Brew is a night of music that will blow your mind and feed your soul. To celebrate the launch of SWIM there will be performances from members.

this event begins at 7pm


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A one-woman band who has been carving a unique post-folk sound using layered vocals, electric violin, guitar, tuned percussion, field recordings and effects pedals since 2016 to create transcendental atmospherically shifting soundscapes and snippets of songs, musing upon rural idylls, post-industrial heartlands and online culture infused with psychedelic, improvisational and folk elements.



Based in Edinburgh, singer songwriter Kim’s intensity and intimacy in performance have led to her being described as Scotland’s very own Tori Amos (Sunday Herald). Attracting five star reviews for her recordings and live performances, Kim's songs reflect her classical piano background, and her interest in horror, fairy tales, feminism and social history, which she studied during her degree in English Language & Literature. Kim "combines narratives of courageous honesty with darkly delicious melodies" (Spiral Earth), crafting songs which are "strangely uplifting, despite the well-phrased, sombre lyrics" (The BIG Issue).

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The roots of her singing lie deep. She caught the tail end of a passing culture, and makes it valid for the modern day with a pathos and understanding that is accessible to all wherever they are from. Variously described as; ".. awesomely beautiful" and "percussively powerful", she brings the sound and tradition of her native Isle of Skye to the stage. Her repertoire gives a true sense of place in an international context.




Signy Jakobsdottir is an extraordinary percussionist who regularly collaborates with a broad range of musicians across the folk and jazz music scenes in Scotland and abroad. From Capercaillie to Sharleen Spitteri, John Cage to Moishes Bagel her sensitive approach has kept her in demand. 


Amble Skuse

A Flute player and composer Amble Skuse writes interactive live technology pieces which reference Scottish Traditional Music. After studying at Dartington College of Arts (now University College Falmouth) and Bath Spa University she began writing for traditional music performers, finding ways of incorporating live electronics into the performance.

Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and support the traditional music performers. She is interested in ways in which the past and the future come together and merge to create the now.

Amble is an International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellow, a BBC Performing Arts Fund Music Fellow and runs her own producing house Remembered / Imagined with Judith Walsh.