Meet The SWIMmer: Diljeet Bhachu

In a new series, we meet the women behind SWIM and our members.

We kick off with Diljeet Bhachu - one of our SWIM board members and she also helps head up our newly to be announced Education Working Group.


Please introduce yourself

I’m Diljeet Bhachu, a musician-activist-researcher based in Glasgow.

What is your role within music and the industry?

I’m a freelance flautist, and I do everything from orchestras and pit bands to putting my flute through guitar pedals in dark basements. I’m also heavily involved in music education, researching teaching and learning as well as working as an educator in the higher education sector, and have a background in community music.

How long have you been working in music?

I’ve been working as a musician for about 10 years now, which started during my undergraduate music degree studies.

What or who influenced you to work in music?

I’m fortunate to have had great mentors at various points in life to ignite my musical aspirations and show me that it was possible to pursue this path. I’ve always wanted to perform, which stems from a love of pop music growing up, followed by a stint as a soul singer, studying the amazing women of Motown. Whether I’m researching things about music, or teaching things about music, or writing and playing music, I’m content, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work in music?

Keep going. It takes a lot of energy and a huge amount of patience, especially in the early days of your career, so keep working at it if it’s what you want. Make yourself known, build networks, make the first move - it’s never too early to start career development.

Please name one thing you would like to see change or improve for women in music

I would love to see a shift in gig culture to make it more accessible for women with caregiving responsibilities, such as more day-time and family-friendly performance spaces and events.