Meet The SWIMmer: Emily Doolittle

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We continue our series meeting the women behind SWIM and our members.

Today we meet Emily Doolittle. A composer, researcher & educator and one of our SWIM members.

Please introduce yourself

I'm a composer, researcher, and educator, originally from Canada, and now based in Glasgow, where I'm an Athenaeum Research Fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

What is your role within music and the industry?

I'm a composer, researcher, composition teacher, and supervisor

How long have you been working in music?

I started teaching piano when I was 13, so 33 years!

What or who influenced you to work in music?

My early music teachers were a huge influence on me. I don't remember really deciding to go into music, it just happened!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work in music?

Work on developing a good natured stubbornness, and don't let setbacks set you back. Try to build up the whole music community, and not just yourself and your own career. Find great people to work with -- not just good musicians, but also good people.

Please name one thing you would like to see change or improve in music for women

I think we're actually in a time of tremendous growth and opportunity for women in music, and I'd like to see these changes stay!