Meet The SWIMmer: Nadia Freeman


We continue our series meeting the women behind SWIM and our members.

Today we meet Nadia Freeman. A producer and musician and one of our SWIM members.

Please introduce yourself

Hello my name is Nadia Freeman (artist name Miss Leading).

What is your role within music and the industry?

I produce electronic music accompanied by song and spoken word

How long have you been working in music?

I have been making music for the last two years

What or who influenced you to work in music?

I have been really influenced by living in Edinburgh an art loving city and the freedom to be weird. My genre of music varies a lot and comes about through experimentation and exploration of sound. Vocally I have recently been training in jazz vocals which is why my hooks sometimes sound that way and I have been on the spoken word circuit for six years so that is will always bring in a strong foundation to my lyrics.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work in music?

I am still learning how to navigate the music industry myself but it seems like committing time to making music and taking risks to put yourself out there is a good start.

Please name one thing you would like to see change or improve in music for women

It would be nice if it was clearer about where opportunities are as well as more opportunities to meet other female musicians who would like to collaborate or put on events and a stronger focus on intersectionality and the inclusion of minority groups.