Scottish Women Inventing Music (SWIM) is a collection of female music creators and industry professionals, based in Scotland.

Membership is comprised of those working in all areas and genres of music, who are committed to achieving a level playing field for women.

SWIM exists to:

Be a network for members.

SWIM will achieve this by:

-Holding bi-annual member gatherings in the Scottish Music Centre.

-Creating online spaces for members to connect through social media and a website.

-Promoting members’ work within the network and beyond.

Educate and inform on women’s abilities across the music industry.

SWIM will achieve this by:

-Delivering talks and workshops in education settings, such as nurseries, schools and further education institutions, to provide real role models to young people.

-Hosting panels and forums open to the public addressing issues of inequality within music.

Advocate for increased visibility of women in music.

SWIM will achieve this by:

-Running events as an organisation and collaborating with other platforms, organisations and individuals to bring into fruition.

-Building a database of members and their skills to disseminate information to music industry organisations.

-Approaching organisations with a poor track record of working with female creators and industry professionals.


NB – In this document when stating ‘women’ or ‘female’ this includes all people who identify as female.